Returning home

Autumn arrived and I returned home. My soul has been longing for this. The fresh air, the silence, the darkness after sunset. The horses’ soft muzzles and Nalle’s thick fur. This is where I grew up and this is where I’m rooted.

My parents live in the house where my father grew up. My grandparents sold it to them when I was 10 and we moved away from asphalt, streetlights and taking warm water for granted. Here, you would have to make a fire to start the boiler at least two hours before you wanted to take a shower. But we won so much more. Like all the animals, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits.

Ronja, my Norwegian horse, is the animal who has lived on the farm the longest now. She’s 31 now and has retired but still keeps the grass short in the fields and comes along on rides with Falcon, our younger horse (who’s 25 years old). I could talk about her for hours but what sums it up might be all the times she’s offered a thick mane to cry in. A low murmur to comfort my distress. A soft muzzle carefully stroking my cheek.

Falcon, her little brother of sorts, arrived only six years ago. He used to be at the riding school I went to as a kid and I remembered how safe I always felt on his back. Now, he was about to retire and needed a new home where he could grow old in peace.

For a lot of reasons, I haven’t been horse riding that much these past years, but this fall I’ve started again. Every time Falcon and I ride out together (still accompanied by my father walking with Ronja) I feel a little bit safer with him. I feel like I know him more.

Although this blogpost came to be mostly about the horses, no declaration of love for my childhood home would be complete without an introduction of my best friend, partner in crime and filifjonk (a made-up word for the best, weirdest and cutest ever). Nalle is my golden retriever – labrador retriever mix/polar bear who lives with my parents. Of course, he deserves an introduction of his own in the future, but for now, before this post grows miles too long, let’s settle with the conclusion that I was in great hoofs (and paws) this weekend.

My current go-to vegan breakfast

I’m not sure about you, but I typically eat the same breakfast every . single . day. At the moment, that breakfast is Oatly’s vegan yoghurt with peanut butter and frozen blueberries – paired with a coffee with milk substitute. Honestly, it’s 100% delicious and my sole reasons for ever eating something else are:

a) I forgot/didn’t have the time to shop and have no yoghurt at home
b) I don’t have the time to sit down and eat breakfast in the morning
c) a friend is visiting and I want to offer several options

The interesting part is however that even though I find this combo absolutely delicious, I know for a fact that I, in a few weeks time, will switch to another go-to breakfast and then only eat that. Before this it was a sandwich with peanut butter. Are you doing the same or am I the only one?

Speaking of variation, I did however decide* to try a new milk substitute for my coffee this week. Sproud is a Swedish brand that I’ve only recently started to see in caf├ęs around town. For me, who could also drink my coffee black but really like the foam, it works really well because the foam is amazing. I do however find that it’s a bit sweet and that it does not soften the taste of the coffee in the same way that other substitutes do.

* Decided as in there was a sale on Sproud and I wanted to save money

While I was doing some research for this post (i.e. if it’s spelled go to or go-to) I found a page that let me know what my go-to breakfast says about me. Apparently I’m an active and healthy person who starts everyday with a work out. I really, really, wish that was true, but I’m not a morning person and even when I go for brunch I typically eat something before leaving the house.

What’s your go-to breakfast at the moment?

Wednesday October 16:th

Good morning sunshines!

How are you doing today?

I’m about to head off to school but just wanted to jump in and say hello first! After all, this is my formal introduction. I’m a 25 year-old communication student with a fondness for vegan food, polar bears and all that glitters. I’m a little bit like a raven in that way – if it’s glittering it got my attention.

My other two interests have a stronger correlation. See, I do believe that if we are to save the world (including the polar bears!) we all need to switch to a vegan lifestyle. I do however also know how difficult that is. Believe me, I’ve been trying to go vegan for a few years but always failed. Therefore, I thought I’d create this platform for us to grow together. I’ll post my best vegan recipes and lifestyle tips and you can share yours and perhaps, if we all get just a little bit better, we can make the world a little bit better too. Sounds good? Perfect!

I’ll head out to school now (to learn some Swedish grammar) but I’ll be back with more posts and some foodspiration. To be perfectly honest, I’m pretty sure that no one will ever read this first post, but if you do – perhaps you’d like to introduce yourself in the comments? That would be so amazing!

See you later!

Lots of love,

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